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R e f l e c t i o n s

on James Joyce

A drawing reflection on the writer through figurative imagery, based on his biography and his prose. It seeks to reclaim through its visual language analogies or traces of influence by the author’s peculiar temperament.




Joyce in Trieste


This is the story of a youth

Who left his country to go south

Willing to launch a brand new life

Together with his Dublin wife


In a determinative jest

He took the way to Trieste

To safeguard his vanity

From nation and Christianity


Because he wants to write some prose

Which could get in his townsmen nose

And deems that writing from the distance

Would save from danger his existence



In an apartment of one room

He’s far from being the perfect groom

Family life he abhors

And visits frequently the whores


Marriage can transform any man

To a domestic animal

And to escape a life bovine

He finds refuge to bottles of wine


And pride won’t let him to repent

His impotence to pay the rent

For men who worked for sacred causes

Life’s never been a bed of roses



And as inside his troubled mind

He still misses his motherland

His steadily uncommon sense

Calls for some kind of revenge

And targets with his bitter pen

Preferably fellow countrymen



As if all this was not enough

He’s envying his pretty wife

With bitterness combined with lust

For her affairs in distant past


Keeping always an eye on her

He lurks for the adulterer

Which he will suddenly uncover

And the affair will be all over

Meanwhile his rage and desperation

Have fetched delights of inspiration

Still the intensive tribulation

Of that feverish mind

And his life's stresfull situation

Deteriorate his troubled eyes




Throughout his working as a teacher

He manifests his discontent

And benefits of every chance

To proudly talk about his troubles

With funny words and self-sarcasm


To supplement his low income

Some private lessons should be done

To pretty girls of high class

To merchants and aristocrats

To businessmen and men of power

He teaches English by the hour


However this is not enough

To pay the bills and he cannot

Refrain himself from carelessly spending

His very meager daily earning



Then he thinks  as a wisely owl

To call in help a brother soul

Whose loyalty from childhood

Was usefull and well understood


Without delay the good ally

Comes to support his carefree life

By financing his family

He saves them from calamity



Meanwhile the author tries hard

To advertise his fine art

And as the way to publication

Won’t be without solicitation


Some unexpectable success

Will help him out of distress

Cause he is destined to be found

By someone named Ezra Pound


The editors of Egoist

Would put him high on their list

Among them one progressive mother

Admires him more than any other

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