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About me

I’m a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, with a long and varied experience in visual arts, illustration, comics and graphic design. I have created one artist's book, two comics, several theatre posters and a few logos and I illustrate the Greek literary magazine “Βόρεια - Βορειοανατολικά”.


My work moves between realism and a rather expressionistic, grotesque manner with an intense psychological background. I like elements of irony, fun, elegance, eeriness and brutality, demonstrated by sketchy figures, sometimes unfinished, in a way that highlights the function and capabilities of the basic expressive media (line, form, texture ...). My drawings are worked and carefully developed over time to their final form which sometimes involves the dynamism of the draft, collage parts, painterly - gestural elements, smudges, splashes or torn paper, used in an imaginative way. 

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